Fair & Farm Play

I notice that Autumn is more the season of the soul than of nature.

Friedrich Nietzsche

There is never enough time.

That’s a sentiment we both lament to each other time and time again. Seemingly more so in the last few weeks as we watched summer vanish into fall.

Time. Time to pick the last of the fall corn. Time to harvest the last bushel of tomatoes. Time to prep and plant the fall garden. Time to run all the errands. Time to shepherd all the things as best as we can. Time to catch the last rays of a sunny day. Time for work on the farm and time for full-time jobs off the farm.

Time for ourselves.

But amid all the chaos, and it is chaos at times, we find time to take in some of the better things fall has to offer.

Back in the beginning of September we found time to connect with local farmers through the county fair. While we typically frequent our own county’s fair each year; this year we opted for something new with a trip to the Wayne County Fair.

Notably larger than the Stark County Fair, this day did not disappoint. Wayne County hosts a larger rural population, which translates directly into more participants through the fair.

And while the kids favor the rides offered at the fair, we adults know the animals are where it’s at! I mean, just look at this guy!

Seriously though, the fair is a great way to encounter the agricultural efforts surrounding wherever you live. This was an opportunity to discuss with the kids the importance of farms, opportunities through community programs such as 4-H, and actually meet with owners of farms represented at the fair.

It’s not just about the rides, games, and fair foods. Although those are great (especially the fresh squeezed lemonade and fair fries), there’s a lot more opportunities at the fair to connect meaningfully with your local farm community.

Visiting local farms is another great way to connect with your local farming community. Fall finds many farms offering a host of fun activities. Find the local ones wherever you live and make a trip out to the farm for a fall day of fun.

We’re fortunate that there are many options near us. One of our favorites over the years though has been Kingsway Pumpkin Farm right here in Hartville, Ohio. We make the pilgrimage out at least once every year to this local attraction.

Fall is one of our favorite seasons and it can be yours too. Take the kids, or just take yourself, and experience the great things fall has to offer. Visit a fair before time runs out. Better yet, find a local farmer in your area and take some time out to explore what they have to offer. Get to know who and what is in your local area.

You just might find there is more for you on the farm than you expected.

Happy fall, y’all!

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